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Shipping and Handling


Allow up to 7 business days  for your package to arrive after payment has been processed through all parties.

Return and Exchange Policy

Thank you for shopping Weave Got It Hair Extensions.


My ultimate goal is to satisfy my customers. We will gladly accept returns on all eligible products.

Please read the return policy thoroughly before making your purchase. 

We offer a return policy for unopened hair extensions within 14 days of receiving your order.

14 days after your purchase we WILL NOT accept any returns or exchanges.

You are responsible for the cost of return shipping back to Weave Got It Hair Extensions.

All Weave Got It Hair Extensions must be shipped back unopened in the original packaging.

The packaging MUST NOT be opened, torn, or defaced in any way or a return will not be issued.

A copy of your invoice must accompany your return/exchange to facilitate tracking of your returned product and to expedite your refund.

Used hair extensions can not be returned for refund or exchange (no exceptions).

We reserve the right to make changes to these policies at our discretion.

Please check this page periodically for changes.

What are the different type of Hair Extensions

There are a lot of different kinds of hair extensions which give you the ability to add instant volume and length or take away.


Closures and Frontals are excellent for thinning hair, giving you coverage just where you need it.


When should I wash my Hair Extensions?

We recommend washing your hair extensions every 2 weeks using the appropriate product for human hair.

Extensions don’t accumulate oils the way our natural hair does so washing it more often than this can weather the fibers and damage your extensions.



How do I wash my Hair Extensions?


The best way to wash your extensions is by gathering all the hair strands together into one ponytail, then run the ponytail under lukewarm water.


Squirt a nickel size worth of shampoo into your palm and lather into hair. If needed, rinse and repeat until the shampoo begins to lather.

Next, apply conditioner combing it through the hair using a wide tooth comb to distribute the product evenly and rinse again.


Finally, we recommend letting your extensions air dry by using a hanger.


We recommend the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo & Conditioner for your extensions.



Should I use a comb or brush on Hair Extensions?


Avoid using a brush with any hair type.


To eliminate the most fall out always use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair pieces as they dry.

Payment Methods


Credit and Debit Card


Payment Plan

Payment Methods
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